Last Updated: 2022-09-08

HealthFrame Benefits - The Family Health Organizer

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If you or a loved one has a chronic medical condition, then HealthFrame can greatly simplify the process of keeping track of your symptoms, progress of your condition, reactions to medications, test results, and medical procedures and visits.

  • Use the calendar support for doctor visits, tests, and treatments (scheduled and reminders).
  • Attach original medical records to specific visits or test results, including expense receipts for insurance and tax purposes.
  • Keep journals to track symptoms and/or progress on conditions, as well as activities (e.g. specific exercises) related to the chronic condition.
  • Track your medications (including reactions), tests, conditions, treatments, allergies, and past visits - the complete, consolidated medical history, regardless of how many separate physicians and specialists are involved in the health care.
  • Prepare for doctor visits (questions, concerns, new symptoms) and keep better track of advice received during doctor visits.
  • Read up on conditions and treatment information (including medical trials) in the medical reference library.
  • Print out and have readily available the emergency cards, containing emergency summary information – including special care instructions.
  • All of your medical information is securely and privately maintained.