Last Updated: 2022-09-08

HealthFrame Calendar Feature

Click to see the HealthFrame calendar enlarged

Support for scheduling of medical events is an integral part of HealthFrame, linking the calendar entry to detailed information about the specific occurrence. HealthFrame automatically maintains the connection between calendar entries and their corresponding visits, tests, and treatments (e.g. on-going care, procedures, surgeries, etc).

This support means that you will not need to enter scheduling information twice: it is sufficient to create a visit and to indicate the visit time and date; the calendar entry is automatically created and linked to the visit. Also, if you need to reschedule an appointment, you need only change the visit (or treatment or test) and the calendar entry is automatically updated.

Additionally, if you are viewing your calendar, you can easily navigate back and forth to the detail information for the appointments. For instance, from the calendar, you can click on the link to the visit detail and check on visit preparation instructions, to make sure that you are ready for your doctor’s appointment.

In addition to visits, treatments and tests, HealthFrame also supports tracking any other scheduled event that you believe is relevant to your health and wellness. For a complete health picture it is useful to record activities such as your participation in aerobic workouts, sporting events, etc. It is also possible to use this flexible scheduling support to record reminders, for instance, a reminder to schedule an appointment for specific immunizations.

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