Last Updated: 2022-09-08

HealthFrame Wizards

HealthFrame provides industry-leading depth and detail of information to be stored in your PHR, but all that detail can be complex to enter. HealthFrame turns this potential problem into an advantage by using powerful summarizing Wizards to provide high-level, but still editable, summaries of various kinds of information. This makes it easy to see lots of information at a glance, and to update it quickly and easily - defering the entry of any detailed information until you are ready.

Immunization Wizard

See and edit - at a glance - your immunization history for common immunizations along with the recommended schedule for those immunizations (reference data from the CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ). Easily link to supporting information about immunizations, and details on each immunization (the related doctor visit, and other details about the immunization). Alternatively, just get an overview of when you need your next immunization(s).

HealthFrame immunization wizard

Activity Wizard

Quickly enter (or review) a high level summary of health-relevant activities you partake in - such as swimming, excercise, smoking, etc. Then at your leisure - you may drill down and provide details on each activity.

HealthFrame Activities Wizard

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