Last Updated: 2022-09-08
Protect your family's health by learning more about their family medical history, and being more engaged and knowledgable about their healthcare

Records For Living, Inc. is an innovator in personal information management, and health care software solutions

Our product and service offerings are focused on providing solutions to a broad range of health and wellness management issues. Our objective is to create the right tools and support to make you an empowered healthcare consumer.

Find out more about HealthFrame - The Family Health Organizer HealthFrame™ - The Family Health Organizer

HealthFrame is a personal health record management software product that consolidates the entirety of your family's health and wellness information, under your control.

Whether you are caring for young children, elderly parents, managing a chronic condition, trying to lose weight, or simply recognize the benefits of maintaining your own personal health record (PHR), HealthFrame has the right tools to help you.

Using HealthFrame to manage your complete medical record is a critical step in:

  • improving the quality of your health care
  • helping reduce the risk of medical errors and
  • lowering your medical costs