Last Updated: 2022-09-08

Released April 25, 2016

Major New Features in HealthFrame v3

Contacts Contacts database: filterable by different types of contacts (e.g. healthcare provider, or family, or hospital); ability to mark individual contacts as 'shared' between health records
Customizations Richer and more widely available page and report customizations
Health Record Locations New locations for Health Records: remote servers, built-in samples, 'My Computer' repository, and individual files
Relationships Link together data like medications and symptoms, so searches and reports can filter based on relatedness
Richer Data Model Data model enhancements allow richer capture of financial information, medication tracking, notes associated with any object, symptoms and conditions generalized, and more
Richer Reference Content Deeper reference content (thanks to our friends at UMLS), more semantic modeling
New Reports and Panels New reports include measurements summary, medications summary; new panels include iron panel, comprehensive metabolic panel, and PSA test panel
Search Search inside medical reference content database, health records, and HealthFrame/help itself
Synchronization Automated Synchronization (e.g. backup) between health records, and folders, etc
UI Enhancements Favorite health records, pinnable opened panels, integrated help, improved calendar