Last Updated: 2022-09-08

Medical History Form

Not only does HealthFrame contain a highly readable, and customizable Medical History Form, but through OpenHealth Services, you can easily add your own custom medical history form.

Read more about OpenHealth Services to see what standard, common medical history form printed reports are already supported, or what you need to do to make your preferred medical history form available as an OpenHealth service report.

Note that HealthFrame doesn't only allow you to create and print blank forms, but it allows you to automatically fill in those forms from electronic patient data.

HealthFrame Viewer Medical History Viewer

If you wish to view or print:
  • electronic medical records
  • a wide variety of electronic medical history forms
  • clinical guidelines applied to those electronic medical records

HealthFrame Family Edition HealthFrame Medical History Editor

If you also wish to manage your own personal medical records:
  • import your medical history
  • see personalized clinical guidelines