Last Updated: 2022-09-08

Gift of Health

OK - maybe you cannot give the "Gift of Health". But you can come very close.

Nothing affects your quality of life more than your health. Your health, in turn, is controlled by how healthily you live and most of that is controlled by you and the choices you make.

But how many people really know which choices matter most? Your family history (genetics), your behavior (such as exercise, smoking etc), and your diet, all play an important part in determining your overall health.

HealthFrame Family Edition HealthFrame Personal Health Management

HealthFrame has been designed by professionals to help you:
  • track the parts of your health that matter to you
  • develop and follow your own personalized Health Improvement Plan
  • understand the health risks that you may be running
  • avoid costly medical mistakes

With so much at stake, isn't it worth a try?

Just use the coupon code XMAS2006 when you make your purchase before December 25, 2006 to save $10 (up to 25%).