Last Updated: 2022-09-08

What The Experts Say

"Many envision a health care industry that is consumer-centric and information-rich, in which medical information follows the consumer, and information tools guide medical decisions. [...] This new way will result in fewer medical errors, fewer unnecessary treatments or wasteful care, and fewer variations in care, and will ultimately improve care for all Americans."

Delivering Consumer-centric and Information-rich Health Care
Department of Health & Human Services
July of 2004

"If you care about yourself and your children, you will do everything you can to know your family's medical history. It can save your life, and the lives of those who are dear to you."

Dr. Aubry Milunsky, Director, Boston University School of Medicine's Center for Human Genetics
Life Magazine
March 1995

"The lesson to be learned from New Orleans, where many physicians' records have been washed away forever, is that patients are well-advised to take on basic record-keeping themselves."

Health officials quoted in the Time’s article: Katrina’s Lingering Medical Nightmare
by Amanda Bower, posted September 22, 2005,8599,1107826,00.html

"Records For Living has been extremely innovative in the use of health care standards, such as the CCR, to support data interoperability... In addition, the company's contribution and development work with ASTM E31 on a new web services and decision support standard, OpenHealth Services, is greatly appreciated... Standards-based web services and data interoperability, supported by Records For Living's HealthFrame™ 2.1 and the freely distributed HealthFrame™ Viewer, will have a strong positive impact on health care quality and patient safety - a key role for personal health records."

Richard Peters, MD, Chair of ASTM E31 Healthcare Informatics
2006-11-06 HealthFrame Lite Edition Press Release