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HealthFrameTM Lite Edition 2.1 –

Includes Free Electronic Health Record (EHR) Viewer


HealthFrameTM Lite Edition 2.1 includes an extensible electronic health record viewing platform (HealthFrameTM Viewer).  Doctors and patients alike will be able to plug in extensions for additional reports, forms, graphs, file conversions, and web services.


Sudbury, Mass. (Nov 6, 2006) – Records For Living, Inc. is announcing the availability of HealthFrame™ Lite Edition 2.1, which includes an electronic medical record viewer the company is distributing free of charge to clinicians and patients (HealthFrame™ Viewer).


Incentive to Use Electronic Records


"By making HealthFrame™ Viewer 2.1 freely available, we hope to encourage both providers and patients to use electronic health records," says Simone Pringle, President and Founder of Records for Living, Inc., which developed HealthFrame™ Viewer and HealthFrame™ Explorer 2.1 – a personal health record (PHR).


The Viewer can be used by clinicians and patients to read any medical record complying with a standardized format, such as the ASTM Continuity of Care Record (CCR), HealthFrame's PHR XML format, or a format that can be converted using a plug-in framework called OpenHealth Services.


"Records For Living has been extremely innovative in the use of health care standards, such as the CCR, to support data interoperability," states Richard Peters, MD, Chair of ASTM E31 Healthcare Informatics. 


"In addition, the company's contribution and development work with ASTM E31 on a new web services and decision support standard, OpenHealth Services, is greatly appreciated."


Dr. Peters continues,  "Standards-based web services and data interoperability, supported by Records For Living's HealthFrame™ 2.1 and the freely distributed HealthFrame™ Viewer, will have a strong positive impact on health care quality and patient safety - a key role for personal health records."


HealthFrame™ Viewer Features


HealthFrame Viewer is an easy to use tool, where browsing a patient's medical records is as easy as dragging and dropping their files onto the Viewer. 


A number of reports and graphs are freely available in HealthFrame™ Viewer, including the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) CCR medical history report, blood glucose graph, weight chart, blood lipids graph, blood pressure graph, growth chart (for children), immunization list, medication list, emergency card, and others.  Additionally, patients and providers can generate user-defined graphs and then overlay correlated test results (such as weight and blood pressure).


Using the HealthFrame™ Viewer, patients and doctors can also send and receive patient records using the Commons eXchange Protocol (CXP), an Internet-based public domain transfer protocol for connecting any patient to any health care provider. 


The Viewer is an extensible platform that supports reporting and service plug-ins.  An example of a service that uses this technology is the Cancer and Immunization Preventive Screening, developed by Clinical Integrated Network of America (CINA) (


According to CINA's President,  Jim May, "It has been a pleasure working with Records For Living to make the CINA Protocol Engine (CPE) available to users of the HealthFrame™PHR and Viewer.  The CPE is currently being used by physicians' offices and residency programs around the nation to remind clinicians of the care their patients need according to nationally recognized, evidence-based guidelines.  That power is now being made available to HealthFrame™ users."


Mr. May adds, "When it comes to producing accurately-coded CCRs and creating simple yet powerful technology like the CPE that offers additional web-based value to users, no one does a better job than Records For Living."


OpenHealth Services (OHS)


The HealthFrame™ Viewer supports the OpenHealth Services (OHS) framework (, which facilitates extensible reporting and the delivery of health-related web services.


OHS enables standardization around the use and implementation of reports and services that provide electronic representations of a patient's health record and incorporate individualized health and wellness-related content. 


The possibilities for how OHS can be used by both clinicians and consumers are endless, including the ability to integrate to existing web sites.  Examples of additional uses allowed by OHS plug-ins include price shopping for medications, registering with applicable clinical trials, joining support groups, health risk assessments, obtaining directions to provider offices, automating generation of standard forms (e.g. Boy Scout Summer Camp forms), etc.



HealthFrame Lite Edition 2.1 may be downloaded from


About Records For Living, Inc.


Records For Living, Inc. is a pioneer in the personal health information management industry. Records For Living, Inc. has released the HealthFrame™ family of products – HealthFrame™ Family Edition and HealthFrame™ Lite Edition - as an innovative solution to personal health management. Records For Living, Inc. also provides professional services to our health care provider partners to support the improved exchange of medical record information between providers and patients.


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