Last Updated: 2022-09-08

HealthFrameWorks - Medical Record Software and Services for Business HealthFrameWorks Re-branding

If you represent an organization who wants to offer the state of the art in consumer-facing health and medical record technology, you have two choices: build or buy.

HealthFrameWorks re-branding gives you:
  • A fully featured personal health record system
    Include or omit any of the features built-in to HealthFrame.
  • Seemlessly integrate any of your own health content
    Expand HealthFrame's built-in (UMLS/MedLinePlus-based) health library with your own procedures, links, brochures, etc.
  • Pick your data store preference
    Either let your customers store their own data, or automatically have the data stored online in your own repository.
  • Completely customize and skin the appearance
    Nobody but you needs to know how you developed such a great solution for your customers so quickly, and so effectively.

Why spend several years, and tens of millions of dollars developing a good personal health record when you can license the best, and have it completely re-branded and integrated with your own content in as little as one month?


Contact our sales staff to find out more about how Records for Living can tailor a HealthFrameWorks re-branding solution to meet your business needs.