Last Updated: 2022-09-08

HealthFrameWorks - Medical Record Software and Services for Business HealthFrameWorks

HealthFrameWorks is the collection of reusable services and components used to create the HealthFrame Personal Health Record system.

HealthFrameWorks services include:
  • Business Components
    If you are developing applications (client or server-based), for the healthcare market, HealthFrameWorks Business Components can accelerate your time to market, minimize your costs, and improve the quality of your results.
  • HealthFrameWorks Server
    HealthFrameWorks Server is the core of a service-oriented (SOA) web-service framework for building health and medical applications. It allows you to easily integrate medical components utilizing different HIT standards into a common integrated application.
  • Co-branding
    If you represent an organization who wants bring the power of HealthFrame to your customers, but you want some of your own content, and services directly integrated, HealthFrame Co-branding is the solution for you.
  • Re-branding
    If your organization wants to offer the state of the art in personal health record to your customers, but want complete control over the look and feel, branding, and integrated content, HealthFrameWorks Re-branding is for you.


You can find out more about how Records for Living can tailor its HealthFrameWorks suite to meet your business needs.