Last Updated: 2022-09-08

HealthFrame Version History

Version # Date Description
3.0.1 5/17/2016
  • Fixed bug with DateRangeType::Contains () - was frequently returing the wrong results for 'last n days' filters
  • Added CmdAllSelected_/NoneSelected_ on most customization (of a type - like visit) lists - so you can force check all or none
  • New Complete Urinalysis Panel (requested sort of by CUSTOMER on Facebook May 10)
  • Large PHR - Save EXTREMELY SLOW. Now 50 times faster (apx)
  • - new VisitSummary report
  • (Shortcut to new particular test broken) ; much imporved UI for adding removing favorites to navbar items - can now right click context menu on any item to add/remove- without navigating to it
  • (Export large PHR fails with bad error message) fixed export to trim include/exclude items from filter
  • Corrected regression in Test page - so that it correctly captures related-to/TestType arguments from URL (bug reported by CUSTOMER around May 1 in HF
  • Convert to Visual 2015 Update 2; and use Stroika v2.0a141
  • (Selection/navigation slow in Tests/Home) speedup by maybe 100x? (depends on table size)
  • HealthFrame online help integration improvements
  • in HFWReportsLib/MeasurementsSummaryReport - ignore exceptions adding point due to mismatch on units conversion - not cuz doesnt matter - but because we dont have a good way to report
  • Fixed ContactIDSorterByRep to support EMPTY contact ids in sort list (for new visit summary report)
  • 3.0 4/25/2016
    Major Upgrade with tons of changes
    2.1.11 6/18/2009
    Improved IntelliNav
    Copy/Paste Medications
    Small Reference Content Update (MPV)
    Allow entering 'military time' format time (e.g. 1300)
    2.1.10 3/17/2009
    Improved Blood Glucose Panel and graph
    Improved alert warning
    Improved IntelliNav suggestions (and defaults)
    Windows Manifest changes
    2.1.9 1/20/2009
    Fixed sort/grouping of related information
    Shut off IntelliNav by default (easier for new users to learn)
    Added some Reference Content data (e.g. Medicare Part D)
    2.1.8 11/16/2008
    Improved Send/Receive Dialog
    Improved HSTP Transfer support.
    Journal Report improvements.
    Corrected Encyption Security problem.
    2.1.7 6/8/2008
    Fixed a small bug with Windows Vista display of listboxes.
    Added support for copying and pasting tests
    Introduced new interface for sending and receiving medical records
    Enhanced built-in list of medication routes
    Updated built-in documentation
    2.1.6 2/1/2007
    Fixed bug in dates filtering (customizations). Added 'Show Active Only' customization to some reports. Updated OpenHealth service plug-in reports.
    Improved graph display with small # of points (y-axis selection).
    Fixed bug with new elipsis/combobox UI in expense register.
    Fixed bug refeshing pages after merge of two PHRs.
    Rebuilt with Visual Studio.Net 2005 SP1, which fixes bug emitting requestedExecutionLevel manifest flag (for Windows Vista).
    2.1.5 1/13/2007
    Improved 'suggestions' and reports.
    Several small UI enhancements & layout & linking improvements, and User-Image cropping.
    Fixed command-key handling in journal entry editor.
    Fixed misleading medications error message, and sporadic 'unknown error' bug with MSIE 7.
    Improved CCR interoperability. Improved electronic medical record merge. Filtering date-range bugfix.
    2.1.4 12/5/2006
    This release is now Windows Vista compatible.
    This release also improves 'suggestion' guidance; shows OpenHealth service provider details; simplifies 'Samples' access; more small bugfixes.
    2.1.3 11/30/2006
    This release fixes a bug with spaces at the end of a person-name; adds new OpenHealth services; clarifies startup screen in HealthFrame Viewer; provides better error messages with remote OpenHealth services; improved suggestions; disable 'install for this user only' from installer; automatic check for updates; and several other minor fixes.
    2.1.2 11/8/2006
    This release fixes minor issues with the suggestions panel and help, and significantly shrinks the installers.
    2.1.1 11/4/2006
    This small update futher improves CCR compatibility; enhances insurance tracking; corrects a few printing issues; improves suggestions; corrects a bug with removing links; and other small fixes.
    2.0.1 10/25/2006

    HealthFrame 2.1 is loaded with new features that will greatly increase the benefits you get from your personal health record:

    • Sync with iPods, USB drives, and other mobile devices
    • More and better reports, with OpenHealth report plug-ins
    • Wellness and Prevention (clinical decision support) services
    • OpenHealth Translation plug-ins (easy import/merge of health records)
    • More powerful content filtering
    • Enhanced user-customization, and shortcuts
    2.0.3 6/13/2006
    2.0.2 5/29/2006
    2.0.1 5/20/2006
    2.0 5/18/2006
    1.0.3 12/1/2005
    1.0.2 11/21/2005
    1.0.1 6/17/2005
    1.0 3/23/2005