Last Updated: 2022-09-08

Consumer Directed HealthCare (CDHC)

Consumer Directed Health Care (CDHC) is a term that is used to represent the trend that increases the role of consumers in purchasing health care services. Supporters of CDHC believe that direct consumer involvement in health care purchasing decisions will be an effective, market-driven deterrent to increases in health care costs. Use of CDHC-based health plans encourage individuals to manage their health insurance as an asset that should be properly managed.

Consumers can choose from several types of spending accounts:

Individuals who participate in CDHC health plans require appropriate education about the choices they can make and how to make them. Decision support tools provide consumers with needed information on conditions, medications and treatment alternatives, expected costs of care, metrics on provider quality, etc.

Consumers who make the choice to enroll in CDHC health plans should make sure they are being provided with the decision support tools they will need to make health care decisions. Records For Living is partnering with many organizations to make HealthFrame-enabled decision support services available to CDHC members.