Last Updated: 2022-09-08

Decision Support Tools

Decision support tools provide users with needed information on their conditions, medications and treatment alternatives, expected costs of care, metrics on provider quality, etc.

HealthFrame is a powerful decision support tool that leverages knowledge of an individual’s entire health information to deliver relevant decision making information.

HealthFrame supports the delivery of health care content directly to consumers in a way that is:
  • Private:Users do not have to relinquish their privacy to gain access to relevant medical information and advice.
  • Appropriate: Users only view information that is personally relevant to them. HealthFrame leverages rules-based logic to publish content that is appropriate to an individual’s specific medical information such as gender, age, conditions, family history, medications, treatments, etc.
  • Integrated: Personal health management information is integrated with the delivery of content, in a seamless, user-friendly way.