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Last Updated: 2022-09-08

Knowledge Is Power

There is nothing more important than your family's health. Starting from before birth, we do all we can do to assure a healthy child-prenatal visits, healthy diet, regular exercise. This is all in our control. After birth, we don't always retain control of our children's medical information. This information is scattered in medical records of PCPs, specialist, hospital and labs and it can be difficult to maintain.

The Department of Health & Human Services encourages the use of Personal Health Records (PHRs): "Once equipped with the information about their health and health care choices, consumers will be empowered to co-manage their health and participate actively in decisions about their care."

The President has set an overarching vision for improving the quality, safety, and service of health care, and also for using health care resources more efficiently. PHRs are a key part of this vision. PHRs enable personal medical information to remain not only with the health care provider, but with the patient as well. A central repository of medical information is your most powerful tool in ensuring you and your family receive the most effective and efficient medical treatments.

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