Last Updated: 2022-09-08

HealthFrame Editions

Records For Living has put together a number of different product editions to best match your needs. Each edition comes with tools and documentation that helps you track and manage your specific health-related needs.

  • HealthFrame Viewer HealthFrame Lite Edition

    The HealthFrame Lite Edition is given away completely freely so as to encourage doctors and patients to interact with electronic health records.

    The HealthFrame Lite Edition includes the HealthFrame Viewer, which doctors and patients can use browse medical records as well as to generate reports, graphs and to access health services and wellness services.

  • HealthFrame Family Edition HealthFrame Family Edition

    The HealthFrame Family Edition includes everything from the HealthFrame Lite Edition, but also includes the industry-leading HealthFrame Personal Health Record software so that you can edit and maintain your own personal health records.

    The HealthFrame Family Edition can be used by an entire household. It can be used by a single individual or by parents and children to track and manage their health care information. And, it can be used to access personally customized health and wellness information.