Last Updated: 2022-09-08

Why have a Personal Health Record (PHR)?

Healthcare is a shared responsibility between you, and your healthcare provider. The truth is - most of the time - it is you who must be the guardian of your family's health.

  • Preserve records which are routinely discarded after a period of time, or when a doctor's office closes
  • Have records available to share among providers (including dentists, medical specialists, physical therapists, etc) who frequently don't have the ability to share medical records directly
  • Know as much as possible about your family's health so you can make the best choices when you or a loved one requires treatment.
  • Correct errors - or omissions from your medical record
  • Understand your family members' health status. A doctor could have mentioned a condition you didn't really understand (because of jargon).
  • Make sure your providers know about your health-relevant activities (e.g. exercise, travel, etc), your diet, vitamins and dietary supplements, and family history, as these are all crucial parts of your overall health picture
  • Reduce your likelihood of becoming a victim of medical error, by having this information handy when you need it (e.g. in case of an accident)