Last Updated: 2022-09-08

HealthFrameWorks - Medical Record Software and Services for BusinessHealthFrameWorks
SDKs and Technical Specifications

HealthFrameWorks - in addition to supporting a variety of public standards, defines several of its own file formats and service descriptions. These are all openly documented and free for anyone to use royalty-free.


  • HealthFrameWorks SDK
    The HealthFrameWorks SDK allows you to build applications that work with HealthFrameWorks Server as well as plugins/components to extend and refine the server's behavior. Download the SDK to get all the documentation, samples, as well as schemas and WSDLs.
  • OpenHealth v1

    HealthFrame's OpenHealth Services specification is designed to leverage the many existing standards for health record representations (e.g. CCR) and report representations (e.g. PDF, HTML), and provide a simple standardized infrastructure for web-based and local services.

XML Schemas and WSDLs

These schemas and WSDLs are all contained in the above SDKs, but are included here redundantly, for quick reference.