Last Updated: 2022-09-08

HealthFrame Expense Management

HealthFrame helps you track any type of expense for any aspect of your medical care, including visits, medications, treatments, activities, tests, etc. Use HealthFrame to track your out of pocket medical expenses, to reconcile your eligible health expenses for tax purposes, to figure out if you’ve met your yearly deductible, etc.

HealthFrame supports two built-in, customizable expense reports: the Expense Registry and the Expense Transactions Report. The information shown in each report is dynamically updated as you associate expense information directly to your health records (visits, medications, etc). Alternatively, you can use the Expense Registry to directly create, change and delete individual expense entries (as you would in a checkbook).

Customize the Expense Transactions Report to group expenses by payee, year or month; specify desired date ranges.


Expense Register Expense Tracking Report

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