Last Updated: 2022-09-08

Records For Living's Partners

Doctors, Nurses, and other health practictioners

Health practioners who want to find out more about how Records For Living can partner with you to bring the power of personal health records to your patients, please contact us for more information. Whether you are interested in helping us customize HealthFrame for a particular use, or you just want to resell. Click below for a follow-up contact:

Pharmacies, Health Clubs, etc

HealthFrame can be a perfect platform for you to embed your customized health content, and to electronically link up your members to your back-end systems. Contact us for more information on how we can help increase the quality of your customer relationships:

Retailers & other distributers

HealthFrame is now available through a variety of download sites.


For more information, contact Records For Living via email - at or call (978) 460-0539.